Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Self Catering Accomodation in and around Eaton Bray
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Eaton Bray


Below are details of the places to stay around Eaton Bray. If you know of any errors with these listings, or would like to add a new one, please contact us.

Hotel and Self Catering

Bellows Mill

Bellows MillBellows Mill, Eaton Bray, LU6 1QZ

Set in 21 acres of picturesque grounds in South Bedfordshire, Bellows Mill offers high quality hotel accommodation and internet access. All the hotel rooms have ensuite bathrooms and TVs and we are sure you will enjoy the tranquil surroundings and relaxed atmosphere that we have to offer.

For further details, please see Bellows Mill, Eaton Bray
or phone 01525 220 548.