Eaton Bray has a number of local Arts and Crafts businesses and Theatre groups
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Eaton Bray

Arts, Crafts & Theatre

Below are details of the local Arts, Crafts & Theatre groups around Eaton Bray. If you know of any errors with these listings, or would like to add your details, please contact us.

Pantomime and Theatre

Curtain Call Theatre Group

Curtain Call was established in March 2010 and was originaly based in Leighton Buzzard. Since 2015, the group now runs from the village hall in Eaton Bray.

Open to all budding actors, or anyone who has an interest in amature dramatics whether on or off stage.

The group showcase 2 performances a year in addition to the annual pantomime which takes place the last week of January.

Edlesbray Players

The Edlesbray Players have been putting on pantomime's in Eaton Bray since 1994.

Front Row

Regularly present performances in the Village Hall.

See news for more details.